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Digital Inclusion

Choice for SF Apartment-Dwellers
November 27th, 2016
A new ordinance before SF's Supervisors requires SF landlords to provide a choice of telecom providers to tenants.

The Verdict Is In: Net Neutrality Upheld
by Tracy RosenbergMedia Alliance
June 14th, 2016
The Open Internet Order of February 2015 has been upheld on both wired and wireless services.

What Will They Do About The Internet?
March 3rd, 2016
Media Alliance joined 38 organizations to call for political debate moderators to ask candidates how they plan to improve high-speed Internet access.

Don't Undermine Encryption: Apple vs. NSA
Secure The Internet
February 23rd, 2016
Crypto Wars 2 pit encryption advocates against the FBI which wants code written to break password protections in smartphones.

Alameda County Board Of Supervisors Passes Most Comprehensive Cell Phone Interceptor Privacy Policy In the Country
November 9th, 2015
Update: On November 17th the Alameda County Board of Supervisors passed a comprehensive privacy policy regulating the county's use of cell phone interceptor equipment (often referred to in the press by “Stingray” or “Hailstorm”) before approving the purchase of an equipment upgrade.

Broadband Institute and Media Alliance Amici Brief in USTA vs FCC
by Broadband Institute of California/Media Alliance
October 11th, 2015
The Broadband Institute of California and Media Alliance filed this amici brief in United States Telecom Assn vs FCC.

Open Letter to Twitter About Politwoops
Update: This New Year’s Eve, an agreement was reached with Twitter to bring back the transparency and accountability tool called Politwoops.

Speed for Some
Media Mobilizing Project
After 56,000 signed the petition, Comcast upgraded speed and added seniors to the digital inclusion program. We won!

International Webtivists Question Facebook's Internet.org
May 18th, 2015
67 civil society groups around the world write open letter to Facebook questioning the Internet.org program to provide walled garden Internet service to underserved populations in the developing world.

Prison Debit Cards: Another Extortion
Human Rights Defense Center HRDC
March 25th, 2015
The use of third-party release debit cards is a growing trend in U.S. prisons and jails, where companies see an opportunity to profit off people who have no choice on whether or not to use release debit cards.

Petitions Filed at FCC to Free Community Broadband
by Chris MitchellMuni Networks/Institite for Local Self-Reliance
July 28th, 2014
Two municipal broadband projects in North Carolina have filed petitions with the FCC to lift local restrictions on expanding their services.

Media Alliance Filing - Net Neutrality
by Tracy RosenbergMedia Alliance
July 17th, 2014
Here's our individual filing in the FCC Net Neutrality proceeding. MA is also signed onto several larger group filings.

Is Net Neutrality on the Ropes?
by Gautham NageshWall Street Journal Online
April 23rd, 2014
A 4-23 article in the Wall Street Journal announces FCC Chairman Wheeler's proposal to allow ISP's to give preferential treatment to some content providers.

Big Data and Privacy
March 31st, 2014
MA joined 17 grassroots media groups in an open letter supporting a civil rights platform for big data

Coalition Demands Privacy Protections For Teens on Facebook
Center for Digital Democracy
March 1st, 2014
The Center for Digital Democracy, joined by Media Alliance and a coalition of public health, child advocacy, and media justice groups, today filed an amicus curiae (“friend of the court”) brief in a case concerning teen privacy online. In Fraley v. Facebook, the social networking company was sued for violating the privacy of users of all ages, and the company settled with class-action attorneys before going to litigation. Facebook’s proposed settlement, which was eventually approved by the U.S. District Court, does not protect teen users from appearing in sponsored advertisements on Facebook, even though seven states forbid this kind of appropriation without parental consent

Verizon vs FCC In Court On 9-9.
by The Open Internet Goes To CourtNew American Foundation
September 6th, 2013
On September 9th, Verizon vs FCC, a crucial case that will determine the authority of the government to regulate the development of the Internet, opens arguments in the DC Circuit Court. This panel at the New America Foundation discusses the importance of the case and the future of the Internet.

Rural Broadband Lag Persists
by NTIANational Telecommunications and Information Agency
A new report by NTIA details ongoing disparities between rural and urban residents in access to high-speed broadband.

Open Internet Proposal Gets 24% Support From Verizon Shareholders
This represents a three-fold increase in support from a similar action filed last year, which garnered 7.9% of shareholder votes in favor of a net neutrality proposal.

Susan Crawford in SF on May 14th
Former White House Advisor and law professor Susan Crawford speaks on her new book Captive Audience: Monopoly Power in the New Gilded Age. 2:00pm on May 14th at the CPUC Auditorium 505 Van Ness Avenue in San Francisco.

Internet Freedom: Dubai and Beyond
by Committee on Foreign Affairshttp://foreignaffairs.house.gov/hearing/joint-subcommittee-hearing-fighting-internet-freedom-dubai-and-beyond
In DC, an important hearing on the international administration of the Internet. Check out the video.

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