Need a Press List? Introducing Media Alliance’s Press Service


For literally decades, Media Alliance has been publishing a community-oriented list of journalists to aid advocates, local groups and researchers in getting alternative information and perspectives out to the media. Originally under the name People Behind The News and then the Northern California Press List. Always at a fraction of the price of the professional PR companies.

But in 2018, it’s becoming clear that journalists are more and more reluctant to throw the communications door wide open. Dangerous trolls, literal shootings at newspaper offices, doxxings and verbal abuse; it has all taken a toll.  So when we say that we want to make your personal contact info available so the non-professionals can reach you more easily, a lot of journalists say no thanks.

We get it. The safety of journalists is important to us. But so is the ability of underrepresented voices, untold stories, and alternative points of view to get in front of the mainstream media.

So we’re taking a new approach for 2019. A community-based press release service.

For what we hope is a modest price (and as usual, if you call or email and plead poverty, we’re probably a soft touch for a noble cause), we’ll take your information and polished or unpolished press release and distribute it for you and hopefully start getting you the media coverage you deserve.

Here is how it works:

A) Send us an image and your draft press release, including a media contact, and all the who, what, where, when and why information, and we’ll give it a once-over, format it, and send it out to 783 Northern California journalists.


B) Send us an image and some basic information and we’ll craft your press release including finding the news hook, and then format it and send it  out to 783 Northern California journalists.


Book a series package of 2-4 releases and get 20% off each one.


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