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Asset Forfeiture Report from Dept of Justice


An investigation into asset forfeiture from the Department of Justice.

It states: “We believe it is important for the Department to assess 1) whether these types of seizures benefit law enforcement efforts and 2) the extent to which these types of seizures present potential risks to civil liberties. We found that the Department neither formally collects nor evaluates the data necessary to determine whether its seizures and forfeitures advance or relate to federal investigations. As a result, the Department and its investigative components cannot fully evaluate and oversee their seizure and foreiture activities to ensure that they are used to advance investigations that help to dismantle criminal organizations and that they do not present a potential risk to civil liberties”.

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Video Visitation


Update: Wisconsin senator Tammy Duckworth is trying to get a bill going to regulate video visitation and preserve in-person visitation rights.

Sign the petition to show support for her efforts.

A case study by the Texas Criminal Justice Coalition and Grassroots Leadership.

In September 2014, a group of Dallas-area advocates led a fight against an initiative that would have introduced video visitation capability to the Dallas County jail. The company proposing to provide services to Dallas had buried in its contract a requirement that the jail eliminate in-person visitation, thus leaving those who wished to visit prisoners only one option – visit by video. Or, don’t visit at all.

Video Visitation (web)