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Navigate the Media Maze With Media Alliance’s How-To Guide



Media Alliance’s “Media How-To Guide” is designed to provide community organizations and activists with the nuts-and-bolts information they need to get their message out to the media. It includes step-by-step instructions on how to pitch stories to reporters, write press releases, and develop a press list; and it covers more advanced media strategies such as creating media events, organizing press conferences, planning media campaigns, and documenting unfair media coverage.

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Add a Northern California Press list for everything you need to advance your cause with not enough time and not enough money.


Asset Forfeiture Report from Dept of Justice



An investigation into asset forfeiture from the Department of Justice.

It states: “We believe it is important for the Department to assess 1) whether these types of seizures benefit law enforcement efforts and 2) the extent to which these types of seizures present potential risks to civil liberties. We found that the Department neither formally collects nor evaluates the data necessary to determine whether its seizures and forfeitures advance or relate to federal investigations. As a result, the Department and its investigative components cannot fully evaluate and oversee their seizure and foreiture activities to ensure that they are used to advance investigations that help to dismantle criminal organizations and that they do not present a potential risk to civil liberties”.

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