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Republican Op-Ed Space Costs $7 A Word


Media Alliance received this solicitation this morning.


Dear Ms. Rosenberg,

My name is XX and I work for The Washington Times in Washington, D.C.  I’m reaching out to you inviting the Media Alliance to participate in the annual Constitution Day Special section which is a joint project is the of The Constitutional Sources Project and The Washington Times.





This year’s special section, publishes on September 12, focuses on the hot-button issue of Freedom of Speech.  We are developing a superb lineup of opinions written from various political perspectives on this subject.  We want your opinion and your perspective as well.   Continue reading Republican Op-Ed Space Costs $7 A Word


Native Journalist Jenni Monet Still Facing Riot Charges



Native-American journalist Jenni Monet was arrested covering the Standing Rock Dakota Access Pipeline protests.

Monet wrote a lengthy description of her detention in Morton County for Indian Country today. You can read it here.

Its title. “I Was Strip Searched But My White Cellmates Were Not”.

Continue reading Native Journalist Jenni Monet Still Facing Riot Charges


Public Records Act Challenges



The California Public Records Act is a crucial piece of legislation for journalists and activists. The 1968 law, modeled on the federal Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) promoted maximum public disclosure based on the “The people have the right of access to information concerning the conduct of the people’s business” statement contained in the California State Constitution.

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Pacific Felt Factory Leads Bay Area Response To Ghost Ship Fire



Cutting edge community arts space and Media Alliance’s wonderful new home, the Pacific Felt Factory,  sprung into action after the tragic Ghost Ship Fire in December of 2016, to  arm artists with fire safety tools to avoid tragedy in the living space challenges all low-income Bay Areans face.

Brava Theater for the Arts hosted a free anonymous fire safety workshop for Bay Area artists featuring a host of safety supplies and equipment and demonstrations and advice from the SF Fire Department, with an amnesty agreement that no one at the workshop needed to divulge where they were living in order to get their questions answered or to receive supplies.

The workshop got a huge amount of press attention including KRON , KPIX and KTVU.

Watch the video!


Berkeley Teacher Put Through The Wringer For Protesting



Update: Victory. Yvette Felarca was restored to her teaching position at the Berkeley Unified School District.

Berkeley Unified School District teacher Yvette Felarca has been subjected to extremely punitive actions by the local school district after participating in an anti-white-supremacy protest in Sacramento, CA. Continue reading Berkeley Teacher Put Through The Wringer For Protesting


Press Credentialing



MA submitted these comments to the Berkeley Police Review Commission looking at the events of December 2014, when local Ferguson support rallies were dealt with violently by the Berkeley Police Department.

Among other problems, several members of the press both mainstream and alternative were manhandled and injured by law enforcement.

Following the submission of these comments, the PRC voted to set up a subcommittee (probably including MA) to work on a new press credentialing policy for the City of Berkeley. Continue reading Press Credentialing