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Amici Letter in USA Today v LA Superior Court

After pop singer Brittney Spears testified dramatically about wishing an end to a lengthy conservatorship administered by her father, her remarks were smuggled from the courtroom into the public domain.

In response, the LA Superior Court chose to end all remote access to all court proceedings for the media and members of the public.

USA Today contested the LA Superior Court decision, both on constitutional grounds and on public health ones, given the current panedemic. At their request, Media Alliance filed an amici letter to the CA Supreme Court asking them to review USA Today’s petition.

On November 8, we found out that the CA Supreme Court has agreed to ask the LA Superior Court to respond to USA Today’s petition.

Free Britney and keep the courts accessible.

Here is our amici letter to the court.

Good Riddance: Tech Worker’s Flight From SF is a Relief to Some Advocates

by David Ingram. Originally published on

SAN FRANCISCO — When Chirag Bhakta saw a headline recently that said tech workers were fleeing San Francisco, he had a quick reaction: “Good riddance.”

Bhakta, a San Francisco native and tenant organizer for affordable housing nonprofit Mission Housing, is well-versed in the seismic impact that the growth of the tech industry has had on the city. As software companies expanded over the past decade, they drew thousands of well-off newcomers who bid up rents and remade the city’s economy and culture.

He said the sudden departure of many tech workers and executives — often to less expensive, rural areas where they can telecommute during the coronavirus pandemic — reveals that their relationship with San Francisco was “transactional” all along.

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A Look At Transparency On The Ballot This 2018 Midterm Election

By Jessie Gomez. Originally published at

In Nevada, Question 1 on this year’s ballot is Marsy’s Law Crime Victims Rights Amendment, better known as Marsy’s Law, and would exempt certain law enforcement records from being disclosed. Meanwhile in San Francisco, Proposition B, the Personal Information Protection Policy Charter Amendment better known as the “Privacy First” measure is set to protect the personal information of San Francisco residents from abuse by tech companies. Yet, the measure’s broad language could award the City’s Board of Supervisors the ability to change its transparency laws in the future. Continue reading A Look At Transparency On The Ballot This 2018 Midterm Election

Appeals Court Affirms Public Access TV Is A Public Forum


In a case filed by public access TV legend Deedee Halleck and poet Jesus Papaleto Melendez against NY’s public access chanel Manhattan Neighborhood Network, the Second Circuit Court of Appeals revived a free speech lawsuit after a lower court had dismissed it.

The case involved banning from the public access channel’s premises of Hallack and Melendez by MNN executive director Dan Coughlin and his employees without a clear infringement of any facility rule or regulation.  Continue reading Appeals Court Affirms Public Access TV Is A Public Forum

Public Records Act Challenges


The California Public Records Act is a crucial piece of legislation for journalists and activists. The 1968 law, modeled on the federal Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) promoted maximum public disclosure based on the “The people have the right of access to information concerning the conduct of the people’s business” statement contained in the California State Constitution.

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Berkeley Teacher Put Through The Wringer For Protesting


Update: Victory. Yvette Felarca was restored to her teaching position at the Berkeley Unified School District.

Berkeley Unified School District teacher Yvette Felarca has been subjected to extremely punitive actions by the local school district after participating in an anti-white-supremacy protest in Sacramento, CA. Continue reading Berkeley Teacher Put Through The Wringer For Protesting