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Media Alliance was founded in 1976 by Bay Area media workers who wanted deeper connections with social justice movements and a communications system that worked in the interests of peace, justice and social responsibility.

Forty-six years later, we are one of the oldest media change organizations in the United States.

Crucial organizations such as Media Alliance have emerged over the past two decades. Acting as mainstream media watchdogs while pointing engaged Americans toward valuable alternative fare, these groups have raised awareness that any democratic reform in the United States must include media reform – Robert McChesney/John Nichols – The Nation

In sum, Media Alliance’s project for its first two decades was system change from within the media field – reforming corporate journalism, through defending media workers’ rights, critiquing `bad’ journalism and celebrating the ‘good’, and training aspiring journalists (including those with little interest in politics). Since 1996, MA has found its main constituencies amongst those marginalized within the media field and the broader field of power, communities seeking racial and economic justice and an effective public voice. Robert Hackett and Bill Carroll -Remaking Media: The Struggle To Democratize Public Communication

Thanks for making us think when we were numbed, making some noise when we were dumb, and making sure we never stopped believing in the potential of media that matters.  Makani Themba – Media Alliance Stays True To Its Roots – Media File

“Alternative narratives are getting established in the public imagination. Injustice, inequality, homelessness is not invisible and can’t be swept away. The police can attack with flash grenades but we all have to see that. That makes a difference”.  Tracy Rosenberg -Social Justice Media: The Case of Occupy

This was not an organization of dispassionate reporters who sat on the sidelines and wrote stories in the form of Journalism 101. We were concerned about the content of news’ – Founding member Ken McEldowney (Wolschon 1996).

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There are also archives of some of the best articles from MediaFile, MA’s publication in the 2000’s and  and an archive-in-process of Propaganda Review, MA’s publication in the 1980’s.

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