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We're Moving!
by Tracy Rosenberg
MA is pleased to announce that we'll be returning to San Francisco in May of 2015, joining the new artistic community at the Pacific Felt Factory in ..
Cable Competition Vetoed at FCC
by Tracy Rosenberg
The FCC dealt a blow to cable regulation
Kick The Kickbacks Video
by Champaign Urbana IMC
Produced by the Illinois Campaign for Prison Phone Justice
Make Cable Prove There Is Competition
by Tracy Rosenberg
FCC filings can be dry: but what it comes down to is whether cable companies have to prove there is effective competition or whether communities have ..
Talking About Media Concentration
by Kellia Ramares
A 30-minute discussion of media consolidation as part of the crisis/disaster of the early 21st century.
Fact Sheet on California Impacts of the Comcast-Time Warner Merger
by Caifornia Coalition to Stop The Comcast Monopoly
This fact sheet was prepared by the California Coalition to Stop the Comcast Monopoly (Writers Guild West, Media Alliance, Consumers Union, The ..
Blog: Priority problems: Journalismís position in the charitable-giving ecosystem
by Josh Wilson
Amidst the news industry?s many challenges, and the hopeful flowering of a new nonprofit-news movement, the low position of public-interest news ..
Blog: Interview with Natalie Lawhead
by Kevin Robinson
As part of our content-sharing partnership with Medium Rare TV, we are pleased to present this interview with award-winning game developer Natalie ..
The Future of the Internet: A Learning Session April 30th 5:00pm
What happened, will it stick, and where do we go from here to keep building a 21st century cyberspace that will advance economic growth, equality, ..
Media Policy
Civil Rights Principles for Police Body Cameras
A broad coalition of civil rights, privacy, and media rights organizations released shared civil ... more
Oakland Passes Privacy Policy At 3:00AM
Domain Awareness Center (DAC) Resistance Leads to First in Country Standing Municipal Privacy ... more
MA Supports the Speak Free Act of 2015
Media Alliance is pleased to endorse the Speak Free Act of 2015 more
International Webtivists Question Facebook's Internet.org
67 civil society groups around the world write open letter to Facebook questioning the Internet.org ... more
Court of Appeals Rules Bulk Metadata Collection Illegal
On May 7th, a Federal Appeals Court in New York ruled that the bulk metadata collection program ... more
Comcast-Time Warner Merger Falls Apart
This morning media justice advocates celebrated as the merger of Comcast Corporation and Time ... more
Letter to FCC Chair Tom Wheeler: Reject the Comcast Merger
34 public and private organizations write to FCC Chair Wheeler telling him there will be no ... more
Google Pulls Ads from Antiwar.com
In a financial shot at a prominent anti-war and anti-militarism website, Google Adsense has pulled ... more
Hedge Fund Throwing $900K A Year Into KCSM-TV Spectrum Auction Sale
At the last SMCCD board meeting, the Skyline College newspaper reports that Blackstone-owned ... more
CA PUC Proposes To Approve Comcast/TWC Merger But Applies 25 Conditions
Update: On Friday April 10th, CPUC comm Mike Florio issued an alternate proposed decision calling ... more

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4/3:  We're moving! On May 1st, Media Alliance will join the artistic community at the Pacific Felt Factory in San Francisco. Lots of classroom, workshop and event space. Our new address will be 2830 20th Street, Suite 102 San Francisco CA 94110. Read more on our blog titled "We're Moving" - and stay tuned for class announcements soon.


To post an event, email event details to information@media-alliance.org. All listings subject to moderation for length and suitability for our mission statement.

7/3:  Underground Art Gallery-Opening Reception

7/5:  Edwdige Danticat

7/9:  Collaborativity At Work

7/11:  Queer Mythologies: Non-Human Voices in Indian Art and Cinema

7/14:  Advanced Final Cut Pro

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