Monthly Sustainers Circle: Be A Media Maven


Communication rights, and especially local and regional work to cement them at home, often get overlooked, but it is key to so many struggles for health, safety, and freedom.

MA has been here for 39 years, always on one kind of edge or another, and we want there to be a year 40.

Please join us.

How do we protect the right to dissent? Crackdowns on journalists, whistleblowers and activists are legion as a toxic combination of greedy telecoms and an unaccountable government try to plug every remaining space for free expression and organizing. They won’t rest until the Internet is a toll road for big spenders, and a spy net for the rest of us.

Media Alliance has been carving the space for truth-telling for 39 years. And protecting that space when it is under attack, here in the Bay Area, and all across the country. So many times we are the only, or one of a precious few, voices at one or another public meeting where our freedoms are slowly pushed back, one step at a time.

To be there consistently, requires a base of consistent financial support. 

But the corporations that run the government won’t help dismantle their own influence. The system that lulls us into complacency as our human rights get whittled away wants us doing busy work, not challenging them. Keeping the challenges going, steady and strong and right here at home in California where we live and work together, that can only be supported by you.

Media Alliance will keep lighting the fire. With your help.

The arc of justice is realized by claiming the space to create alternate narratives.

We know money is tight and so many worthwhile causes are asking you for $100 right now.

So make it easy. Join the sustainers circle for $5 or $10 a month, and donate a cappucino or two to media justice every month.

You’ll know that you personally did something to reclaim the space to tell the truth here in California.

The truth will set us free. Nothing else can.