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Media Alliance is supported by many individual donors and the following institutional funders:

The Rose Foundation

Full Circle Fund

Horizons Foundation

Tides Foundation

Fair Share Foundation

Serena Fund

Santa Cruz Community Foundation

Panta Rhea Foundation

California Consumer Protection Foundation

Threshold Foundation

The Social Science Research Council

Leadership Conference on Civil Rights Education Fund

Consumers Union

Media Action Grassroots Network



Special thanks to:

Randy Saldinger

Frances Rachel

Gabrielle Stocker

Dorothy Kidd

Gary McDole

Adrienne Hirt

Nancy Leavens

Mary Gaillard

Al Weinrub

Keith Barton

Merula Furtado

Steve Shapiro

David Arkin

Henry Norr

Peter Broadwell

Barbara Bogard

Peter Thompson

Peggy Law

Tyree Dorris

Zaki Manian

Allan Beek

With much gratitude for their support and all of the individuals who have provided their generous assistance over the years, both financial and with their time, effort, love, creativity and energy.