Tim Redmond Sacked from Bay Guardian After 30 Years


After 30 years as the voice of progressive San Francisco, new Bay Guardian owners have sacked the editor of the publication.guardian

According to a blog by Redmond, he did not resign his position but was let go over disputes about personnel and editorial direction.

Other news reports have mentioned that the owners wished to lay off 50% of the current staff reporters at the Guardian and Redmond would not go along.

The Bay Guardian has been a venerable source for progressive talk (and organizing) in San Francisco and the Bay Area for years. Long-term owner and publisher Bruce Brugmann who co-founded the paper with Jean Dibble in 1966 led the paper until his retirement in 2012, when the paper was sold to SF Newspaper Co LLC, the Todd Vogt-owned consortium that owns the SF Examiner.

Once a 70+ page publication, the Guardian has been a smaller publication in the second decade of the 21st century as ad revenues dried up and after a hard fought battle with competitor the SF Weekly over predatory print ad pricing (which the Guardian won). Despite the paper’s shrinking physical presence, it maintained an influential role in City Hall politics and the Bay Area progressive movement, largely thanks to Redmond’s editorial presence.