FCC Responds to Radio Death – 9 Years Later



Update 2-6-2017: Entercom has announced they will turn in KDND’s license rather than defend the water-drinking contest. The license surrender will be part of Entercom’s merger with CBS Radio.

Nine years after the death and four years after the filing of a petition to deny license renewal by Media Action Center (a fiscally sponsored project of Media Alliance), the FCC has finally convened a hearing on the 2007 death of Jennifer Strange.

Inside Radio Coverage of Entercom’s surrender

Sacramento Bee Coverage of Entercom’s surrender

Bradcast Interview with Sue Wilson (KPFK-FM Los Angeles)

The twenty-something Sacramento resident died after participating in an AM radio contest by KDND, a radio station owned by Entercom Corporation. The radio station called the contest “Hold Your Wee For A Wii” and promised the Ninetendo gaming product to the person who ingested the largest amount of drinking water without urinating.

The physically unsafe contest was, accordining to Media Action Center, an act contrary to the public interest obligations of FCC licensees. The FCC renewed KDND’s license without comment in 2013, but has now convened a hearing on the incident.

The FCC stated: “The record suggests that Entercom formulated, promoted, conducted, and aired over the station an inherently dangerous contest in which one listener contestant died of water intoxication and many others suffered serious physical distress. This information could lead to the conclusion that Entercom failed to serve the public interest”.

The FCC’s lengthy statement of intention to hold the hearing is below.

Congratulations Sue Wilson and Media Action Center!



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