DC Court of Appeals Kills Prison Phone Justice


On June 13, 2017, the DC Court of Appeals dealt a big blow to years of organizing to wipe predatory commissions and reduce prices on phone calls in and out jails, prisons and detention centers.

The services are riven with monstrous commissions that raise prices sky-high and force inmate families to choose between food, rent and staying in touch with loved ones who are incarcerated. 

Largely due to advocacy from FCC Commissioner Mignon Clyburn and a lengthy multi-year Prison Phone Justice campaign, the Tom Wheeler FCC finally took action on a decade-old petition to the agency and lowered rates.

But the predictable legal firestorm ensued and after Ajit Pai took over as head of Trump’s FCC, the agency declined to defend its actions in courts, inviting the decision to overturn them.

The court’s decision, such as it is with no defense provided, can be read here.

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