KCSM Sale: Public Records Request



As we have done twice before, Media Alliance requested the bid documents for the latest proposed sale of KCSM-TV, this time to KRCB-North Bay Public Media. The College District is in  the midst of a lawsuit from the Blackstone Group subsidiary Locuspoint Networks.

The third request for proposals for the public television license followed an original RFP issued in 2011, which ended with the rejction of all 6 bidders. A second RFP was issued in 2012, which ended in an agreement with Locuspoint to split the share of the proceeds from eradicating the station via the FCC spectrum auction.The third RFP was issued after the station was ejected from the spectrum auction for failing to place a bid. Locuspoint then sued.

The RFP never appeared on the College District’s website where requests for proposals appear, although it was sent to us as a document in response to the public records request.

MA PRA 1-273

However we did not receive KRCB’s responsive bid to purchase the station (which has already been approved by a vote of both Boards of Directors and is awaiting sign-off by the Federal Communications Commission) nor any information regarding if this was the only responsive bid or there were others and per the San Mateo County Counsel, we won’t until November.

Response Letter to Media Alliance re PRA Request

The Palo Alto Daily Post, the local paper which has been covering the story, announced they were also unsuccessful with their own public records request.

Attorneys for Locuspoint Networks, the Blackstone Group subsidiary that has been subsidizing the station’s operations since 2013 and expected to collect more than $30 million dollars from the spectrum auction, sent a letter objecting to the non-transparent nature of the proposed sale.






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