CA Law School Deans Support Surveillance Transparency



14 Prominent Law and Technology experts have issued a letter supporting Senate Bill 1186 and surveillance transparency.

The letter states:  Whether local law enforcement agencies should deploy surveillance technology, and  the conditions under which they deploy it, raise important legal and public policy questions. For this reason, local law enforcement agencies seeking to further
community public safety goals should not unilaterally decide what surveillance technology they acquire and deploy. It is important that elected representatives—and through them, members of the public—have an opportunity to weigh in on whether and how surveillance technology is used, holistically considering its impact on civil rights and liberties and the overall safety needs of the community.

Letter signers include Erwin Chemerinsky, Dean at the UC Berkeley School of Law, Susan Freiwald, Interim Dean at the University of San Francisco School of Law and L. Song Richardson, Dean at the UC Irvine School Law, Jennifer King, Director of Consumer Privacy at the Center for Internet and Society at Stanford School of Law and  Robert Fellmeth, Executive Director of the Center for Public Interest Law at the University of San Diego Law School. 

[pdf-embedder url=”” title=”SB 1186 scholars letter updated August 2 2018 (1)”]


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