Sprint-Mobile Merger: Can You Afford It?


One of the things Media Alliance does on your behalf is participate as a party in some merger proceedings for big telecom companies before the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC).

We do this without accessing the state intervenor compensation program, so we rely on your support to make this possible, as we have participated in the AT&T/TMobile proceeding (2011), Comcast/Time Warner proceeding (2014), Charter/Time Warner proceeding (2015) and now TMobile/Sprint (2018).  We do it because we believe that important as lawyers are, there need to be other voices at the table in these proceedings.

Update: Northern California Public Participation Hearing

January 15 – Fresno City Hall 2600 Fresno Street  Fresno 93721  at 6:00pm

Facebook event


Tim Wu in the NY Times

Karl Bode in Motherboard

Media Alliance comments to the Federal Communications Commision. (12/2/2018)

[pdf-embedder url=”https://secureservercdn.net/” title=”Media Alliance Comments WT Docket 18-197″]

You can read the federal petition to deny the merger filed by Common Cause, Consumers Union, Open Technology Institute, Writers Guild of America and Public Knowledge below.

[pdf-embedder url=”https://secureservercdn.net/”]

We are happy to announce that what is called the scoping memo has come out in the California Tmobile/Sprint merger proceeding and it calls for public participation hearings – where YOU can speak – and a robust public interest analysis that will address competition and impacts on the wireless market.

Below is the scoping memo issued and our preliminary comments filed on your behalf. It will be a long process, but please stay tuned for how you can be a part of it. It is our pleasure to have helped to make that possible.

[pdf-embedder url=”https://secureservercdn.net/”]

[pdf-embedder url=”https://secureservercdn.net/” title=”Media Alliance Prehearing Conference Statement A.18-07-011 and A.18-07-012″]


One thought on “Sprint-Mobile Merger: Can You Afford It?”

  1. Tim Wu has opposed this merger. His recent, inexpensive paperback “The Curse of Bigness” is a very readable introduction to why antitrust law has failed, and what can be done about it. Lacking effective antitrust, we are more than ever dependent on regulatory agencies to stop these mergers.

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