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When the media does us wrong and community accountability

Protest Facebook: Protecting the 2020 Elections in the age of facebook.

The Protest Facebook coalition presented a special webcast on October 6, 2020 about protecting election integrity, voting rights, and democracy in the age of Facebook. It features:

Ángel Díaz is counsel in the Liberty & National Security Program of the Brennan Center for Justice.

Yaël Eisenstat is the former Global Head of Elections Integrity Operations for political advertising at Facebook.

Myaisha Hayes is the campaigns director at MediaJustice, where she oversees the launch of campaigns such as #NoDigitalPrisons and #ProtectBlackDissent.

Jesse Littlewood is the vice president of campaigns at Common Cause, which is training election protection social media monitors to combat cyber-suppression in their communities.

Sponsored by Global Exchange, Media Alliance, the Protest Facebook Coalition and others.

Protest Facebook – Protect The Results November 4

The Protest Facebook coalition organized a Protect the Results demonstration in front of Facebook’s Menlo Park headquarters on the afternoon of November 4th.

ABC press coverage: Protesters Demand Twitter and Facebook Take More Action Against Election Disinformation

KTVU press coverage: San Francisco Bay Area Protestors Push Back on Trump’s Election Interference

The Robber Barons of Big Tech

by Veronica Irwin. Published in SF Weekly.

Remember when we thought we were going to make the world a better place?

In the city where Jello Biafra once ran for mayor on a platform that would have required businessmen to wear clown suits, recently graduated engineers arrived wearing jeans and pocket-tees. Like the countercultural icons who came before them, they thumbed their collective noses at the stuffy protocols that had come to dominate the white collar workforce. While New York’s business elite had members-only clubs, local tech CEOs kept a kegerator in the office — right next to the ping-pong table and bean bag chair lounge. The Silicon Valley “campus,” complete with outdoor shopping centers and arcades, replaced the corporate headquarters, and open floor plans dismantled the sterile grid of cubicles.

This was the Left Coast. On this side of the country, the son of a teen mom and a cuban immigrant could rise to become the world’s first trillionaire and a couple of bearded, shaggy college dropouts could build a world-conquering personal computer company while pledging to Think Different.

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Supervisors Approve Resolution To Condemn Naming Of Hospital After Mark Zuckerberg

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San Francisco supervisors voted 10-1 in approval of a resolution condemning the naming of Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital after Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg.

The resolution, authored by Supervisor Gordon Mar, urges the city to establish clear standards for naming rights for public institutions and properties, reserving those rights only for organizations that align with the city’s values.

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Check Big Tech: User and Worker Town Hall November 17th

FUU People Power is committed to building a user led movement to hold Big Tech companies like Facebook accountable. We are launching our Check Big Tech: User and Tech Workers Town Hall.

Will you join us on November 17th from 10:00am – 5:00pm?

As we approach the 2024 presidential election we can no longer allow lawmakers to accept donations to support the same Big Tech companies  that harm both users and workers around the world.

We are hosting this town hall to set the agenda for user and tech worker solidarity that can hold Big Tech and elected officials accountable.

To register as a individual please visit:

If your organization would like to become an official partner or sponsor of our User and Tech Worker Town hall, here is the link for more information. 

Facebook Users Union AKA FUU People Power is a project of Media Alliance and Global Exchange.

Facebook Users Union and Friends Chase Facebook out of Netroots Nation

The Facebook Users Union, a project of Media Alliance and Global Exchange, coordinated an attendee pushback at Meta’s booth at the progressive convention at Netroots Nation.

FUU campaign lead Brittany Williams was at Netroots to speak on a panel on social media accountability. Below she tells NewsOne why she was moved to take action against the company’s presence.

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#CheckBigTech Instagram Live Series

The Facebook Users Union had big plans for the 2022 Facebook Shareholders Meeting, but it turns out the company decided to go all-virtual this year. But we can go virtual too. 

Join us all this week at @fbusersunited for a series of Instagram Live conversations on reclaiming the world’s largest social media platform to meet our needs and stop harming our communities. 

Monday May 23 – 7:30 EST/4:30 PST – “Facebook and The War on Communities“. Location: @fbusersunited on Instagram

Tuesday May 24 – 7:30 EST/4:30 PST – “Saving Democracy from Big Tech“. Location: @fbusersunited on Instagram

Wednesday May 25 – Hump Day. This is your day to take action. Make noise, in person or on-line. Use our toolkit for graphics, links and ideas for action.

If you take action online, use the hashtags #STOPFacebookHATE #MakeMarkListen and #CheckBigTech

Thursday May 26 – 7:30 EST/4:30 PST – “We Fight For All of Us: Addressing Gender-Based Violence“. Location: @fbusersunited on Instagram

Friday May 27 – 7:30 EST/4:30 PST – “Building User Power and a Digital Liberated Future“. Location: @fbusersunited on Instagram

Facebook has been put on notice. We’re delivering a people’s resolution: get hate and lies and violence off Facebook. NOW. 

They CAN do better. They’ve just never been forced to do so. We’re banding together users to demand a stop to the abuse.

FUU People Power Follow us on twitter | Click here to donate |Follow us on IG | 

Facebook Users Union/FUU People Power is a project of Media Alliance and Global Exchange