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When the media does us wrong and community accountability

KPFA News Criticized



Posted by Tracy Rosenberg on February 11 2011

KPFA Radio, has received complaints from 3 Berkeley City Council members and 6 workers on two different incidents of problematic coverage in a week on the daily hour-long statewide broadcast of the Pacifica Evening News.

The first complaint was from by Berkeley City Council members Linda Maio, Kriss Worthington and Laurie Capitelli on a story on a council resolution asking all parties involved in the station’s contentious November layoff of 2 employees to negotiate in good faith with each other.

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4 Bay Area Stations to Shut Off Analog Signals Early



San Francisco Chronicle by Carolyn Said 

While not as hard-hit as some cities like San Diego, where several network affiliates will switch to digital months before the federal mandate, and several rural regions of the country, where customers without cable services or a functioning converter box may face the loss of multiple stations, the early switchover in the Bay Area pits the economic stresses on smaller broadcasters against their public interest obligations. Continue reading 4 Bay Area Stations to Shut Off Analog Signals Early