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Single Payer Broadband


Posted by Tracy Rosenberg on
Huffington Post   May 22 2010

As we arrive at the end of the long health care reform battle with something less than nirvana, media activists have been waiting with bated breath for the release of the long-awaited National Broadband Plan from the Federal Communications Commission.

Well over a year in the making, the plan sets a course for the future of the online communications system — a system that materially affects every American’s ability to access information and express themselves.

It’s not exactly the public option.

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Choice for SF Apartment-Dwellers


Update:  Farrell’s ordinance passed the committee unanimously!

A new ordinance before SF’s Supervisors requires SF landlords to provide a choice of telecom providers to tenants.

The ordininance, which is sponsored by Supervisor Farrell, requires San Francisco property owners to allow tenants to receive services from the Internet or cable provider of their choice and prevents landlords from declaring their properties exclusive for particular carriers. Continue reading Choice for SF Apartment-Dwellers

What Will They Do About The Internet?


Media Alliance joined 38 organizations to call for political debate moderators to ask candidates how they plan to improve high-speed Internet access.

The over three dozen signers include a diverse group of national civil rights groups, technology policy advocates, media advocates, and community organizing groups concerned with the fact that approximately 34 million Americans still lack access to high-speed Internet, and the consequences of this divide. Continue reading What Will They Do About The Internet?

Doubling Digital Opportunities: Enhancing the Inclusion of Women and Girls in the Information Society


Doubling Digital Opportunities: Enhancing the Inclusion of Women & Girls in the Information Society frames the challenges and opportunities we face in achieving gender equality in an era of rapid technological change. It closely examines critical gender issues with respect to new information and communication technologies (ICTs) and broadband. Most important, it shows ways in which we can further advance the sustainable development agenda by promoting the use of new technologies in support of gender equality and women’s empowerment. From Broadband Commission Working Group on Broadband and GenderITU/UN.


The Low-Access People: Tiny Grey-Garcia’s Notes on the NCMR


By Lisa Gray-Garcia

It’s the snow that appears late at night on our TV… it can reach across oceans and mountain ranges and beyond…it has the potential to provide a channel of access to many independent broadcasters, which is why the big telecoms are trying to seize it,”explained Eloise Rose Lee, from Media Alliance based in California, one of five people speaking at “The Future of the Internet” panel at the National Conference of Media Reform held in Minneapolis last week. Continue reading The Low-Access People: Tiny Grey-Garcia’s Notes on the NCMR