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New: Quickie Activism Websites


The pace of protest in Trump’s America is a bad case of whiplash. Activism-fatigue is all too real. Many of us don’t want to keep up with the latest happenings because we can’t get through a news feed without finding something we need to to try to stop. 

When you have too, but you just can’t; we’re introducing a service just for these special times to produce hyper-speed activism websites in just a few days with the basic components: sign up forms, petitions, targeted action alerts, SSL certificates, and social media tie-ins.  

This frees up activists and organizers to go out and talk to people instead of huddling up in front of computers, while making a campaign digitally viable in real time. 

Websites with the basic components and up to 8 pages of background material including sign-up forms, event calender, one petition and/or targeted action alert, in https protocol, and linked to up to 5 social media accounts can be live as quickly as within 72 hours of request. 

$1,500 for site generation + domain/server/SSL fees at cost. 

Because Media Alliance is a mission-based organization, this service is only available for campaigns and efforts that are congruent with our organizational goals and values.