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SMCCD Board Liquidates KCSM-TV


May 20, 2013

For Immediate Release

Contact: Tracy Rosenberg, Executive Director, Media Alliance
(510) 684-6853 (Cell), tracy@media-alliance.org (E-mail)

SMCCD Board Liquidates KCSM-TV
Board Votes to Cement Blackstone Deal, Objectors Threatened With Armed Security Guards

San Mateo – On Wednesday May 15th, three San Mateo Community College board trustees approved an unseen contract with Locuspoint Networks, a 99%-owned subsidiary of hedge firm The Blackstone Group, to liquidate the 48-year-old noncommercial TV station KCSM in a spectrum auction.

Members of the public objecting to the District’s lack of transparency, including former KRON-TV reporter and commentator Henry Tenenbaum, award-winning journalist and KAXT-TV principal Ravi Kapur, CO- based Media Stewards Project counsel Patrick Reilly and Media Alliance executive director Tracy Rosenberg, were threatened with removal by armed security prior to the board vote.
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Censored KCSM-TV Bids Released by Community College District


In response to MA’s public records request, censored bid information was released by KCSM-TV’s owner, the San Mateo Community College District. MA was joined in the public records effort by the Palo Alto Daily Post, a local newspaper that has reported extensively on the District’s effort to sell, transfer or liquidate the 5th largest public television station in California. Continue reading Censored KCSM-TV Bids Released by Community College District

Maui Condos Or Public Trusts?


Originally published on Huffington Post

As part of an epidemic of higher education institutions nationwide ridding themselves of educational TV and radio licenses, the San Mateo Community College District in Northern California has announced the upcoming sale of KSCM-TV, the noncommercial TV station it has owned and operated for 48 years. Continue reading Maui Condos Or Public Trusts?

Bailouts For The Media Moguls: Thinking Outside The Newspaper Box


By DeeDee Halleck

John Nichols and Robert McChesney have written a widely posted Nation article searching for answers to the current emergencies in the newspaper business. (“The Death and Life of Great American Newspapers”)  They recognize the crisis as an opportunity to rethink public media in general and their suggestions for remedy are at least a provocative starter for the needed reassessment and creative activism.  They suggest the government pump in $60 billion over the next three years, a pricetag that is similar to, though less than, the handouts to AIG and the US banks.

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