Anti-Hate Speech Resolution Passes SF Board of Supervisors Unanimously


Update: On September 10th, Clearchannel station KNEW announced they were dropping Savage Nation from their SF schedule.

On Tuesday August 11th, San Francisco became the first municipality in the country to support the National Hispanic Media Coalition’s petition for an FCC docket and report on media hate speech and its possible impact on hate crimes.

The vote was unanimous! 


Media Alliance was proud to work with the Hispanic-Latino Anti-Defamantion Coalition, Public Interest Pictures and others to advance the NHMC petition and kick off a nationwide campaign to compel Washington to take action.

Come celebrate the local victory and move the campaign forward with HLADC at Clearchannel on Saturday August 15th at 2pm. Right at the home of “Savage Nation” at 340 Townsend Street in San Francisco.

See the attached document for a summary of the anti-hate speech campaign.

Bay Area Coalition Against Media Hate Speech