And It’s Back: Bulletproof Warrior Bay Area


The killer cop trainings from Calibre, recently featured in the police militarization documentary Do Not Resist, came back to the Bay Area, only months after Santa Clara sheriff Laurie Smith removed the Santa Clara Sheriff’s Department from hosting a Calibre seminar after it hit the evening news.

The Calibre trainings, (one famous graduate is Jeronimo Yanez, the St Paul police officer who murdered Philando Castile live on Facebook last year), happened in February in Santa Rosa and Sacramento.

The Santa Rosa training was held at a “private location” under the sponsorship of the Santa Rosa Sheriff’s Department on February 7, focusing on the use of force and advising officers how to minimize their chances of being sued after using deadly force.

The Sacramento training on February 21-22, originally to be hosted by the California Highway Patrol was moved to the Folsom and the sponsorship of the Folsom Police Department. The course is the infamous Bulletproof Warrior seminar, which has now been renamed the Street Survival Seminar after Castile’s brutal murder by a seminar graduate.

To weigh in with Folsom that Californians don’t want Calibre trainings in our state and not to do a repeat, click here.

Mother Jones look at Calibre Press trainer Dave Grossman. “Are You Prepared To Kill Somebody?  The Dark Version of Killology expert Dave Grossman. (Bryan Schatz Mar/Apr 2017) 

Press Coverage of the Santa Clara Sheriff Removing Sponsorship of Calibre trainings (July 2016)


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