Day Of Action To Save Network Neutrality July 12


For years, we’ve told you why network neutrality is the key principle underlying an Open Internet and protecting the web’s capacity to connect. Finally it seemed as if the future of the Internet was no longer in question when the FCC moved to Title 2 classification.

But as with so many things, the Trump administration is leaving no stone unturned in trying to dismantle social progress and the open Internet is now on the chopping block.

Can Ajit Pai, Trumps’s FCC chairman, be stopped?

It’s too early to tell, with early skirmishes including protests at the FCC chairman’s driveway,  a rumored DDOS attack on an FCC beseiged with 4 million plus comments before the proceeding even gets underway, and another John Oliver late-night appeal for Americans to fight back. 

Here’s the video.

Much that is useful here and there are numerous articles on this website going all the way back to the 2008 Stanford FCC hearing on the Robb Topolsky complaint of throttling by Comcast.

But cutting to the chase: Here’s what to do:

Comment. If you commented once, comment again.

Join the Battle for the Net and participate in the July 12 Day of Action.  What are we going to do, exactly? Sign up and find out. But whatever it is, we’re doing it together and it will be big.