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MA Joins Vint Cerf Filing Comments In Electronic Labeling for Wireless Devices Proceeding


by Dave Taht and Vint Cerf

Media Alliance signed on to comments by Vint Cerf, oft-dubbed co-founder of the Internet, in an FCC proceeding about Electronic Labeling of Wireless Devices, a proceeding that has significant impact on open source development.  Continue reading MA Joins Vint Cerf Filing Comments In Electronic Labeling for Wireless Devices Proceeding

Open Letter to Twitter About Politwoops



Twitter shut down a tool that helps people hold politicians accountable in 29 countries around the world. The Netherlands-based civil society group Open State Foundation created Politwoops, which scans the Twitter accounts of politicians for tweets they’ve deleted. Deleted tweets can provide insight to the viewpoints of public officials, and journalists have been using Politwoops to keep representatives accountable for what they say publicly. In the spirit of transparency, Open State allowed other organizations to use the code of the tool, and use it they have, everywhere from Argentina, to Turkey, to Spain, to the United Kingdom.

Update: The campaign to save Politwoops was successful and the applications has been restored.

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The Capacity Crisis Myth


by Karl BodeDSL Reports

Anybody who warns of an unavoidable capacity crisis on wireline or wireless networks is lying in order to sell you something. That may be a blunt assessment to some, but it’s the only conclusion you can draw as we see time and time again that claims about a looming network apocalypse (remember the Exaflood?) violently overestimate future traffic loads and underestimate the ingenuity of modern network engineers. Fear sells. Drink orange juice or you’ll die of cancer. Get more insurance or you’re a bad family man. Vote for me or lose your job and see your grandma deported. Pay $2.50 per gigabyte or face Internet brown outs. Be afraid.

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