CPUC Slaps Charter


Charter ended up being the successful suitor for Time Warner Cable after Comcast’s offer for the Southern California cable/ISP giant went down in flames.

Charter, which made much of being “not nearly as bad as Comcast” got their merger, but they got it with some conditions attached, noticeably in the State of California, where the Public Utilities Commission went through a robust approval process.

However, Charter was not content with yes for an answer and spent much of the last few months agitating about the merger conditions and trying to get them abated, using typos and other lame arguments to do so. 

Didn’t happen. In a decision on March 23 issued by one of the PUC’s administrative law judges, Charter was told all of the California-specific conditions apply. Period.

This was not a good merger, although it is better than the one it replaced, but California advocates did a great deal to improve it for the residents of this state. Their hard work will not be thrown out with the bathwater despite the efforts of the corporate lawyers.

Legalese available for your reading pleasure below.

Charter Stay Litigation