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CPUC Slaps Charter


Charter ended up being the successful suitor for Time Warner Cable after Comcast’s offer for the Southern California cable/ISP giant went down in flames.

Charter, which made much of being “not nearly as bad as Comcast” got their merger, but they got it with some conditions attached, noticeably in the State of California, where the Public Utilities Commission went through a robust approval process.

However, Charter was not content with yes for an answer and spent much of the last few months agitating about the merger conditions and trying to get them abated, using typos and other lame arguments to do so.  Continue reading CPUC Slaps Charter

Comcast-Time Warner Merger Falls Apart


April 24, 2015

For Immediate Release

Contact: Tracy Rosenberg, Media Alliance  (510) 684-6853 (mobile)

Comcast-Time Warner Merger Falls Apart

Department of Justice and FCC Cite Merger As Anti-Competitive and Comcast Withdraws Application

Oakland-This morning media justice advocates celebrated as the merger of Comcast Corporation and Time Warner Cable came to an abrupt end with this morning’s withdrawal of the merger application.

The proposed merger, which looked unstoppable when announced in 2014, would have produced a vertically-integrated megacompany with monopoly power in high-speed broadband and a record of favoring their owned content over competing content. Continue reading Comcast-Time Warner Merger Falls Apart

Special Customer Service For You


Internal Comcast documents leaked and posted on Reddit contain instructions to “immediately” transfer customers who ask about network neutrality, Netflix (with whom Comcast has been ensconced in a long battle) or the telecom’s new and unpopular data caps unrolled in several states (not yet in California) to a special customer service division called “The Customer Security Assurance (CSA) Team”. Continue reading Special Customer Service For You

Did The Cable Industry Pay Ralph Reed Millions of Dollars?


by Lee FangThinkProgress.org

As the New York Times and ThinkProgress have reported, Ralph Reed has returned as a force in the political world. A decade ago, Reed was a kingmaker in Republican politics and a corporate lobbyist who counted Fortune 100 companies like Enron and Microsoft as clients. His fall from grace, starting with the Jack Abramoff scandal and culminating in a humiliating loss in his run for lieutenant governor of Georgia, is apparently now behind him. Times reporter Erik Eckholm points out that Reed has successfully revived his work as an operator within the Republican Party, most notably with his ability to ensnare nearly every Republican presidential contender to a conference he’s hosting this weekend.

Continue reading Did The Cable Industry Pay Ralph Reed Millions of Dollars?