The Police State Will Be Funded


The 2017 Bay Area UASI grants have been announced. The full PDF for the Bay Area is below. 44 total projects were funded.

Here are some particular grants of interest.

Solano County: SKYNET – ALPRS (license plate readers) and cameras on highways to “apprehend major offenders before they leave the country”.  $104K towards a $2 million dollar project.

Marina, Monterey County. A Bearcat tank for $296,000. The population of Marina per the last census is 20,370 people. You can see what a Lenco Bearcat looks like here.  

Santa Clara County Sheriff: $54,000 for explosive canines. The dogs will be embedded with a bomb detection unit. We assume the dogs do not themselves explode despite the unfortunate wording.

Oakland Police Department: A new helicopter simulator for $160,000

Walnut Creek Police Department: $66K to refurbish their bomb robot. It is starting to show its age. You can see a picture of Walnut Creek’s bomb robot here. 

Oakland Police Department:  $33K towards a new truck for electronic equipment belonging to the SWAT team.

San Mateo Sheriff : $369K for a Homeland Security Captain to work with federal partners on terrorism coordination. .

San Mateo Sheriff: A tactical intervention vehicle for $321,000. To be used by the North County SWAT team.

SF Fire Department : $266K for a Deputy Chief for Homeland Security for $266K. This position will assess and analyze terror threats, share threat  information to increase awareness, detection, prevention, protection and mitigation against terror attacks. The position will plan and develop countermeasures for response during special events and terrorist  incidents. The position will deliver Incident Action Plans for special  events and a training program to increase situational awareness and to report suspicious activity.

SF Police Department: $267K for a  UASI captain for and $267K for a Homeland Security Unit Captain.  The UASI Captain serves as the public safety liaison on the Bay Area  UASI Management Team, working with public safety partners to ensure policies and procedures are in place, to collect and analyze  information, and share it with regional agencies to respond to  natural or manmade disasters such as terrorist attacks.  The HSU Captain supervises the planning, execution, and monitoring of ongoing efforts to protect Protected Critical Infrastructure Information locations within the City and County of San Francisco based on assessed terrorist risk and threat. The Captain develops plans to address risks, critical infrastructure, and  emergency response. The Captain also coordinates with the UASI region,  identifies and plans for major events and training exercises.

San Francisco Police Department: $184K for an Unmarked Tactical Suburban Vehicle  . It will be used for covert operations by the SWAT team.

071317 Approval Authority July Agenda Item 06a FY17 Hub Projects Appendix A_0