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International Webtivists Question Facebook’s



67 civil society groups around the world write open letter to Facebook questioning the program to provide walled garden Internet service to underserved populations in the developing world.

The government of India prevented from being marketed in the country after the campaign was launched.

To join the campaign against, click here.  Continue reading International Webtivists Question Facebook’s

Big Data and Privacy


Media Alliance joined sixteen other grassroots media group in a letter to the White House embracing a rights-model for the handling of big data.

The letter states “we believe that big data creates significant new risks of racial injustice. In order to ensure a fair and inclusive future for our nation’s communities of color, and to enable the potential benefits of these new technologies to be fully realized and broadly shared, it is vitally important that the emerging policy framework for big data explicitly acknowledges and address issues of racial discrimination”. Continue reading Big Data and Privacy

Coalition Demands Privacy Protections For Teens on Facebook

Center for Digital Democracy

HMHB – Obesity Study

The Center for Digital Democracy, joined by a coalition of public health, child advocacy, and media justice groups, today filed an amicus curiae (“friend of the court”) brief in a case concerning teen privacy online. In Fraley v. Facebook, the social networking company was sued for violating the privacy of users of all ages, and the company settled with class-action attorneys before going to litigation. Facebook’s proposed settlement, which was eventually approved by the U.S. District Court, does not protect teen users from appearing in sponsored advertisements on Facebook, even though seven states forbid this kind of appropriation without parental consent Continue reading Coalition Demands Privacy Protections For Teens on Facebook

Pew Cell/Phone Internet Survey Documents Impact of Data Caps


Pew Internet Center

A study by the Pew Internet Center documents the enormous number of US adults who gain much or all of their Internet access via smart phones. This suggests that trends towards the imposition of data caps will hit the smart-phone dependent population especially hard. Continue reading Pew Cell/Phone Internet Survey Documents Impact of Data Caps

AT&T and Verizon: What Digital Divide?


by Gerry SmithHuffington Post

To help close the digital divide, the Federal Communications Commission is offering phone companies millions of dollars to expand high-speed Internet service to rural Americans.

But the nation’s two largest phone companies — AT&T and Verizon — have told the FCC to keep the money. Continue reading AT&T and Verizon: What Digital Divide?